Barahona Dominican Republic,Maria Montez International Airport

southern Dominican Republic havitants claim reopening of their airport

Maria Montez Airport was officially opened on Saturday, April 27, 1996, in a ceremony presided over by President Joaquín Balaguer. It was built at a cost of almost five hundred million pesos. It can receive Jumbo 747, DC-10 and other wide-body aircraft. It has a large parking area for more than one hundred vehicles. As of November 1998, about 100 employees worked there. Later, from 1999 to 2017, the number of employees is lower, this is attributed to the reduction in operations of this terminal.2

In 2010, following the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January, nearly 70 members of the 615th U.S. Army Response Contingency Wing were deployed to the Dominican Republic with the support of Operation Unified Response. Due to the influx of overwhelming air traffic at Port-au-Prince International Airport, Haiti, additional locations were identified at San Isidro Air Base and Maria Montez International Airport in Barahona, as delivery and staging areas for the provision of humanitarian aid.

In 2011 the runway and take-off of that air station was restored, with an investment of RD$30 million, which has a size of 3,000 meters, a platform for parking aircraft of 40,000 square meters, and a taxiway of 300 meters that, where they facilitate the operations of large aircraft.

In July 2012, the international company Terpel Organization began operations as an aviation fuel supplier for the airport.4

In the year (2016) Aerodom is the operator of this terminal who efficiently performs all the maintenance tasks of this airport with about 22 employees. The IDAC who manages operations in airspace, with approximately 40 employees, 10 CTA and 3 from CNS who are in charge of radio communications, where Mr. Jesús Padilla stood out for his help and contributions to that department, 4 of FIS and 3 of flight security and more 15 administrative.

The terminal has services of migration, customs, plant and animal health, drug control. Security is commissioned by the specialized civil aviation security body (CESAC), who controls the safety of the terminal.

In 2017 thank God, the prayers and effort of the Dominican Government, the largest investment of the private sector in the area began the hotel and real estate project Perla del Sur, in La Ciénaga, which is intended to inaugurate the 2019 with a first stage of 162 rooms, although the project includes 1,200 rooms that will be completed in eight years5 that will allow the entrance of more tourists this terminal , which is and will be used for this project for expansie purposes.