Danilo Medina cites within its achievements the advancement of tourism in its eight-year management

The President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, stated last Thursday, three days after the end of his term and hand over the government to the President-elect, Luis Abinader, who leaves office «with his forehead held high» and «with the satisfaction of the duty fulfilled».

"In these eight years, I've traveled the country from end to end. There is no PLACE of DR where the government's friendly hand has not arrived, the boost to tourism has been a key goal in this presidential management, with the help of industry associations and entrepreneurs we have made it through, despite all the difficulties," he said. The 2019 discredit campaign and the pandemic prevented the country from approaching the goal of the 10 million tourists that Medina planted, such as target for the sector. He said this at the ceremony of the Provincial Hospital San Bartolomé de Neiba, in the province of Bahoruco, in what has been an unexpected farewell address as head of state, as he himself has stated in taking stock of his eight years of management. "Today, when I bid farewell as president, I would like to send my gratitude to all Dominicans and Dominicans, regardless of partisan colors, for the support they gave me in these eight years of management," he said, and said that if he has made mistakes he did so with the intention of serving.