Dominican Republic,CCRD president says officials are coming to deposit their affidavits of property

Santo Domingo. – The president of the Dominican Chamber of Auditors (CCRD), under Hugo Alvarez Pérez, said that so far they have received affidavits from approximately 848 public officials, both inbound and outgoing.

It emphasized that receipts of affidavits from officials are made in accordance with Law 311-14 and its Implementing Regulations.

It reiterated that Article 13 of that law provides that affidavits must be deposited in person, with the exception of the declaration form which was completed in a virtual manner.

In the same order, the holder of the CCRD commented that the auditing entity has long been working with the municipal authorities.

Referring to audits, it stated that they had received multiple requests to audit past efforts, of which those of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications and the Ministry of Labour, among others, had already been approved by the Plenary; claiming that a team of auditors was already sent in some institutions.

The holder of the CCRD, Alvarez Pérez, explained that the estimated time to carry out an audit is 3 to 5 months, and if they are audits outside the city or secluded places has a higher cost since it is necessary to provide travel and stay, if necessary, to the auditors so that they can do their uprisings efficiently.

He stressed that the management of the plenary he leads has sent 26 cases to the public ministry where irregularities have been found, including the State Sugar Centre (CEA), the Ministry of Culture and the Metropolitan Bus Services Office (WHOA), among others.

He noted that the House continued to work to ensure that the entity fulfilled its role as a public fund controlr, bringing established preventive measures to prevent the contagion of COVID-19 from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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