Laguna de Gri Gri in Rio San JUAN Dominican Republic

Rio San Juan’s Main attraction is Laguna Gri-Gri. On the way to the Gri-Gri Lagoon

One of the most visited places by nationals and foreigners in the Dominican Republic is the paradisiacal Laguna Gri Gri. Located in the municipality of Rio San Juan, northwest of the island, belonging to the province María Trinidad Sánchez. It is still one of the natural attractions that preserve unspoilt areas, including beaches, although in its surroundings there is a diversity of hotels and tourist shops that allowThe name of the beautiful lagoon is due to a tree with the same name that abounds in the area. Originally this was a spring that led to a stream with the sea, but which caused an earthquake, in 1958, became a lagoon, at the same time it became a space of connection with nature and tranquility. This point is also ideal for those who are bird lovers because a great diversity of species inhabit Gri Gri, in the same way you can witness the natural habitat of a vast variety of aquatic animals that live between the mangroves and the crystal clear waters of the lake. Excursions to this destination are offered in boats with both transparent and normal bottoms in a journey of about thirty minutes in which you can get to know the whole place and then enjoy a refreshing dip in the sweet waters of the lagoon. Another attraction of the area is the carnival that takes place every February on its waters every year, since 1997. This show is rated as one of a kind as an exhibition of costumes and masks inspired by marine species.