Las Caritas, República Dominicana

Discover the petroglyphs, belonging to the time of the first inhabitants of the Dominican island

The Taino caves, better known as las Caritas de los Indios hills, are located in front of Lake Enriquillo. Specifically, the road to Enriquillo Park and Cabritos Island passes through the caves first, so the visit is practically a must. In addition to the important archaeological interest of the carved stones, the view of the lake from the top of the hill is one of the most beautiful panoramas in the area. To access the hills must be taken with caution, not only because of the difficult access to the caves, but because of the abundant traffic, the soil of the hills has become a little slippery and next to the blinding sun that crosses the perforated rocks that make up the caves, can cause you to lose a little balance at some point. Despite the lack of information around this discovery, it is considered that the beautiful caves served as a natural refuge to the first inhabitants of the island, the pre-agricultural groups. A slightly more recent story is that of the Taino rebel Guarocuya, called the "Enriquillo" by the Spaniards, who was the leader of the first guerrilla war of the Americas, but ended up signing peace in 1533 in this historic cave located in the Sierra de Bahoruco. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful archaeological site and contemplate the sublime panorama of Lake Enriquillo that offers the height of the hills of Las Caritas.