Luis Abinader, under pressure from civil society groups

The MRP begins to worry and observes influence over the president-elect
Groups push for solicitor’s choice, measures and protocol to eliminate institutions

As August 16 approaches, the date set for the change in the direction of the country, and the cabinet of President-elect Luis Abinader takes shape, both the pressures of civil society groups to ensure the "measures of change" and the parade of people towards Hotel Nicolás de Ovando in the Colonial Zone and a way of managing their share of power. Once the Central Electoral Board (JCE) gave Abinader and the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) as winners in the July 5 electoral contest, civil society began to draw a wave of guidelines on which figure should go in x or y dependency, warning that if "in January there is no prisoner, we march." Miriam Germán Brito is the favorite to occupy the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, has already been one of the signs of some entities such as Citizen Participation (PC), a movement that also suggested to the future representative a protocol for the merger and elimination of some state institutions.While Dominican Diversity (Diverdom), Derechos Vigente (FDV), Code Humano and a group of lawyers suggested Judge Katia Miguelina Jiménez, of the Constitutional Court, to lead the Office of the Attorney General. In addition, the Coalition's proposal for an independent Public Prosecutor's Office, an entity that sent a letter to the president-elect to appoint José Alejandro Vargas, the current judge of the Office of Permanent Care of the National District, as solicitor. The protocol issued by Citizen Participation for the elimination or merger of state institutions consists of a procedure to ensure transparency of the process and avoid disputes based on lack of data or misinformation. For the process of closing obsolete entities, they ask to draw up an inventory of all the movable and immovable property of those entities, to develop a complete relationship of the employee payroll, based on positions, salaries, seniority, administrative or special career membership, as the case may be, and the employment rights to be executed. They also propose that the government ethics committee verify these procedures, among other points. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN Ask proponents of officials to let Luis Abinader make decisions Luis Abinader is asked to form cabinet with equal participation of women and men