New York delayed the return to classrooms of almost all students

The face-to-face start of classes would mean a large increase in displacement and could mean an uptick in cases of

Although New York is no longer the state with the highest number of contagions, it does remain the hardest hit in the United States with 33,042, more than in all of France or Spain; In New York City alone, 23,762 people have died from the disease, according to local authorities.

New York City announced today that it will delay the face-to-face return to classrooms of almost all elementary and high school students, with the exception of the little ones and special education students, for fear of provoking a regrowth of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city, which was one of the epicentres of the pandemic, will not start classes in face-to-face mode on Monday as planned and will switch to a staggered return model to classrooms, with primary school students returning on September 29 and the rest, until high school, back from October 1.Only kindergarten (3 to 4 years) and special education students will return to classrooms next week.