Not sharing personal bathing objects…, measures to brake COVID according to Public Health

Santo Domingo, RD
The Minister of Public Health, Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, reiterated on Monday the importance of the use of head coverings and social estrangement to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in the country.

"At the moment physical estrangement is the key element, and as well as the mandatory use of masks for all people in the public space, avoiding the crowds we are seeing," the official explained. He also called on the population not to have contact with people who have symptomatology of COVID-19, as well as to home isolation to those who have tested positive or have symptoms. Sánchez Cárdenas warned businesses to seek to remain open in the middle of the pandemic, that they must prevent a large number of people from gathering within them without complying with such protocols. It also stated that establishments that do not comply with the health guidance imposed by the Ministry of Health could be closed indefinitely.