Pedernales Tourism, Abinader’s target, but the plan will be revised

The idea is that the south should be one destination, with different offers»

After five and a half years of the declaration by President Danilo Medina of the Plan for the Tourist Development of Pedernales and the Enriquillo region, presented in January, some infrastructure works and the recovery of the land of Bahía de las Aguilas, the hotel investments in the area do not finish landing But the timing of tourism development in the country's poorest region seems to be able to come with the new authorities, who have declared the south as an "important objective," according to statements by the nominated adviser to the new government on tourism, Joel Santos.or fate, consolidated, that brings together all the different complementary offers that the area has, not only Pedernales, and that, without a doubt, could be a great attraction for a new type of tourism, especially the ecotourism," he said. It considered that territorial planning was essential for tourism in the region to be organized, to avoid the arrabaalization and to contribute, in particular, to the generation of jobs. During the presentation of the programme drawn up by the current Government, reference was made to plans for land use in Pedernales with the detail of the accommodation, parking lots and the space of the boardwalk. In addition, infrastructure needs, such as land and air access routes, as well as existing and projected basic services for the area were cited. On the plan, Santos said that everything positive should be taken into account, although he adds that "everything will be reviewed" and will be adapted to the strategic approaches of the new Government, "but everything that is positive and has been done well will certainly be given continuity".