President Abinader will have the opportunity to put in place ambitious tourist plan

Consider adding 25 thousand hotel rooms and creating 100 thousand tourist jobs

He’ll consult leadership to set investment priorities

With his triumph, Abinader will now have the opportunity to launch his ambitious tourist plan that includes, among other things, the installation of a large convention center in Santo Domingo, and two Disney-style theme parks or Universal Studios, which he believes would change the tourist profile of the country. Abinader, who is the first Latin American president elected in covid-19 times and - symptomatically for these times - the first representative in the region who will take office after falling ill with coronaviruses, has also committed to working on a comprehensive plan to diversify the country's tourism offer, attract investment and new business models, add 25 thousand hotel rooms and create 10,000 jobs in the sector. At the time of publicizing his proposals for the development of tourism, the political leader explained that he contemplates consolidating the second stage of the program to promote tourism in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, improve tourism security, advance the territorial and urban planning of tourist hubs and draw up special plans to strengthen health tourism and real estate tourism and support the development of the country as a gastronomic destination.