RD,Faride claims did not receive the «barrel»

The senator for the National District, Faride Raful, received 1 million,588,000 pesos

After circulating today the information that the senator for the National District, Faride Raful, received 1 million,588 thousand pesos for the Provincial Senatorial Fund known as the «barrel», the civil service official came out in her defense denating the information.

Raful, who after winning the senadry said he would give up the benefit, defended himself through his Twitter account, ensuring that he has not received the privilege of the «barrel».

«Consistency and transparency are not one-day attitudes, they are a permanent exercise of actions that are determined by real convictions. If it bothers you so much you have two options: 1) emulate or 2) ignore, never with lies say what it is not,» the senator wrote for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).

He added that «There are people who have lived from speculation and blackmail all their lives. Wanting to match everyone with the questioned professional exercise they’ve had. Lies, economic use of dubious hires, are in its action.»

Faride Raful, who has been a trend on Twitter since early Tuesday, felt that it should be normal that he was not raped or enriched by the people’s resources.

«You have the right to question and say whatever you want as long as you do not violate the limits set out in the Act. You will always pay a price for freedom of action and speech. Whether a person does not enrich himself with the people’s money or violates the law must be normal,» he said in that social network.