The next appointments expected of Luis Abinader

Rest ministry such as Industry and Trade, Agriculture, Women, Higher Education, Labor and Customs

Mp Victor -Ito- Bisonó will take up a position in the next cabinet, he is being appointed as the next Minister of Industry and Trade. The announced appointments of the president-elect are expected minute by minute each day on the social network Twitter, but there are some that already in the environment of the next representative are "vox populi" and only expect a tweet to confirm them. One of them is that of the Minister of Industry and Commerce, for which is pointed out the past presidential aspirant and deputy Victor – Ito- Bisonó, who supported with his entire team the past presidential candidate of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM). The announcement of the new Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, a free zone entrepreneur and renowned banana producer of La Vega, is also expected.