Tourism and electric power mills in the Dominican Republic, 500 eco-friendly car stations

CLEAN ENERGY XXI. Tourism and non-polluting electric mobility come together in the Dominican Republic to provide a better experience for visitors and better use of the country’s natural resources. CEPM, CESPM and CEB join their efforts with Interenergy Systems Dominicana’s Evergo technology platform in order to boost electric mobility through the largest and most sophisticated network of cargo stations in the Dominican Republic.

Bavarian, La Altagracia. Since the mission of making sustainable mobility a reality in the Dominican Republic, the Punta Cana Macao Energy Consortium (CEPM); the San Pedro de Macorís Electricity Company (CESPM); and its subsidiary, the Bayahíbe Electricity Company (CEB), join their efforts with Interenergy Systems Dominicana's Evergo technology platform to install the largest and most sophisticated network of charging stations in the country. A CEPM report collected by Clean Energy XXI highlights that there are currently 150 Evergo charging stations, installed or in the process of being installed, and in the coming months will be available in all cardinal points of the country. The goal is to reach 500 stations by the end of 2021. Evergo is a pioneer in the installation of level 3 charging stations or known as 'super fast' or 'fast charger', which revolutionize the electric mobility sector allowing the full charging of a vehicle, depending on the model, in less than an hour. Nearly half of the available charging points installed will correspond to this modal